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Distant Blueshift


Infinite Studios' first ever VP production. - A Sci-Fi Drama follows a young boy into the realm of AI-driven virtual communication, believing his father to be on a faraway space station. But as secrets unravel, he discovers the AI technology that rekindles their father-son relationship in ways he could never have imagined. 

Presented by Infinite Studios, partnered with Tristeps Studio.

CPF Stories 

CPF Stories is a series of short films crafted in partnership with talented filmmakers, designed to authentically portray real-life experiences.


These short films showcase the CPF Board's unwavering dedication to assisting CPF members through life's challenges, demonstrating understanding and empathy for the difficulties they encounter.

This series is produced by Infinite Studios in collaboration with Akanga Film Asia.

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Marina bay sands - LUNAR NEW YEAR 2024

Experience the magic of the Lunar New Year 2024 with Infinite Studios' latest video production produced for Marina Bay Sands. Bringing joy and prosperity to audiences worldwide!

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