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Elevating Metaverse content, augmenting the experience.

Metaverse solutions are going to be widely implemented in a vast array of

different sectors and activities.


Personalized shopping experiences, remote training, experiential education, location layering for tourism and augmented live events are just a few examples of where Metaverse-related technology such as AR/VR is getting significant traction.


At Infinite Studios, we recognize that the future of the Metaverse will be even more promising with the advent of 5G mobile network implementation and further enhancements and affordability of AR devices, from 3D cameras installed on mobile devices and tablets to more user-friendly AR glasses.

Since 1997, Infinite Studios has been in the business of content creation for some of the most established names in the industry including HBO Asia, Netflix, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific and WarnerMedia.

Our expertise in content creation works in parallel to Infinite Learning, a division of Infinite Studios focused on the development and training of digital talent at Nongsa Digital Park in Batam, Indonesia.

Introducing Infinite Metaverse, a seamless blend of digital content and technology.

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Infinite Studios has combined its core competencies in content creation with the technology solutions mastered by D. ink, an established AR solutions developer, active since 2010 in Singapore. The synergy has resulted in digital content with AR app extensions through projects such as animated series pilot “X-Hunters” (2020) and live-action horror “Ghosts AR” (2018), commissioned by Mediacorp and released on their digital platform, meWATCH.

Powered by our collaboration with D. ink, Infinite Metaverse is actively engaging with entities looking for AR solutions that can leverage both on high tech solutions and world-class digital content.

Infinite Metaverse will holistically collaborate with our clients to develop mobile apps that will stand out both in terms of UI/UX quality and cutting-edge design.

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