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Citramas Group, leveraging on its experience in creating a 700ha integrated industrial park in Batam and the successful international digital and visual media business of its subsidiary in Nongsa (PT Kinema Systrans Multimedia, a part of Infinite Studios), expanded its footprint to include the very first integrated digital park in Batam: Nongsa Digital Park.

Nongsa Digital Park is an integrated digital park that provides a place for Indonesian and international digital economy businesses to grow, an ideal site for data center development (up to Uptime Institute Tier IV certification), combined with residential facilities that blend ideally with the current Nongsa resorts operated by the Citramas Group.

In order to complete the offering to companies and startups interested in setting a base there, Nongsa Digital Park also offers educational and vocational training operations run by ITEBA and Infinite Learning.

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